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Posted Aug 15, 2019

Main Registration Links 

To Register Click Here For In House:   In House Registration  

To Register Click Here For Travel :  Travel Registration   









Additional Registration Information
Posted Jan 22, 2019

Getting Started

If you have alreay registered you can just use your login. If this is the first time you are registering you need to create an account.

- Please note that we are now collecting the trainer fees for teams at the same time as registration. The fees have been combined so that payments do not have to be made twice.

The high-level registration process is:

1 Create a new account on the website by selecting the "Member Login" button on the upper right of the page, and then selecting the "New Here?

A    Create a new Account" link at the bottom.
B    Add Family Members to your account (Parents, Guardians, All Players).
C    Register the player(s) for the Fall 2018 Season.
D     Coaches or Interested Coaches must Register as a 'Coach' in the system, however this can be done at a later time if needed. There is no cost but this step is required so that a background check can be performed.

2    Creating a new account is similar to other websites. But please note the password complexity requirements which are not specifically outlined. Your new password must contain 1 capital letter AND 1 special character (!,#,$, etc..)

3  During the Registration process - 'Player Information Section' - there is a question about Insurance information. This is a required field by CJSA which cannot be removed and data needs to be put in these fields to continue.

4 During the Registration process - 'Documents Section' - all Travel players will need a picture uploaded. Please make sure the picture is recent, Photos must be cropped to show the player's face only such that the face fills the entire frame. The system provides a utility you can use to crop your photo after upload if you wish. Player passes cannot be created with full body photos. Typically photos need to be at least 150 pixels by 200 pixels.

A birth certificate is required for all new players.


Soccer Club of New Milford